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What is Velashape?

Velashape is an innovative non-invasive medical device approved by the FDA for the body shaping whose effectiveness is proven from 4 sessions.

Velashape also acts well on the subcutaneous tissue on the surface layers of the skin. Its mode of action results in a significant reduction in fat layers of the body contouring and cellulite. It will help you regain a firm and harmonious body by its painless treatment that allows you to resume your activity immediately.

How Velashape works?

Velashape elōs uses the revolutionary technology combining bipolar radiofrequency, infrared optical energy, suction and mechanical massage.

The combination of infrared energy and energy of the bipolar radiofrequency heats precisely the dermis and subcutaneous tissue of the treated area.

Aspiration special rollers for mechanical massage to firm the skin for safe and efficient diffusion of heat and energy.

The result of all these applications? increased metabolism and accumulated energy, improved lymphatic drainage and reducing fat cells.

Why Velashape system?

Developed by Dr. Shimon Eckhous proprietor of intense pulsed light and Dr. Michael Kreindel, makes Velashape one of the safest and most efficient machines that can exist currently.

Here are some of the reasons why you can trust the system Velashape:

  • First non-invasive medical treatment approved by the FDA to visibly reduce around the treated area.
  • Nonsurgical treatment and almost painless with immediate effect allowing you to resume your activity immediately.
  • The accuracy of global treatment area ensures a safe and effective treatment.
  • Effective for all types and skin color.
  • Does not use drugs and has no side effects.

The safety and effectiveness of Velashape technology have been demonstrated in multicenter clinical trials.

With such a good treatment and excellent advice of your beautician more reason doubted you! To you the bikini for this summer!

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