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What’s the inovo?

The inovo offer a new alternative to weight problems, without effort or fatigue with a technology that helps the body eliminate excess fat.

The inovo is a device that transmits to the person who settles a real bath of natural waves that are long infrared, 100% compatible with the human being ..

Long infrared resulted in a slight increase in temperature de1,5 Ca2 ° C, which causes vasodilation. The water is free of tissue, mechanisms of drainage and removal of fat are restarted, blood circulation is improved and eliminated toxins

What are the results ?

After a course of 16 sessions 2 sessions / week, spectacular results are obtained:

  • elimination of toxins, reduction of overweight
  • relaxation and reduced muscle and joint tension, feeling of well being and relaxation
  • refined silhouette, reshaped, toned skin, the more elastic farm. Elimination of orange peel
  • decrease in body fat
  • improving blood circulation and lymphatic

According to a study of Biophyderm Montpellier laboratory, it is possible to lose up to 4 kg up to 2.9 cm in thigh circumference.

What happens during the session?

Every session begins with taking action:

  • Waist, hips, thighs …

And then comes the application of the active massage gel.

The session can begin. It takes 45 minutes on average during which you are lying quietly.

Combined with a healthy diet and regular exercise, this innovative approach provides fast, reliable results.

What are the indications against?

Infrared long inovo are electromagnetic waves biocompatible leading a natural action in harmony with the metabolism.

However it is advisable to seek medical advice if in doubt.

Is it painful?

The inovo sessions are soft and completely painless. Long infrared are even used for several decades for their analgesic properties long infrared .The act naturally and effectively in the greatest respect for the human body.

What are the risks of allergies?

All clinical studies with Biophyderm laboratory directed by Dr. Lise Agopian, Medical and Scientific Director, show a 100% result of allergy tolerance cosmetics and long infrared.

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